Top meditation App

Top meditation App

As we all know

alot of people have been invading the social media to get beneficial results concerning the top apps for meditation.

Oh what a surprise we do have for you, you are welcome to

Now let me take you down to the full meaning of everything you need to know.

Stress is something that kills people at a very high rate.

We all get up early and come back late just to make earns meet, without taking caution of it repercussions, but I’ve got a surprise for you all, what you have been looking is actually here now.

just scroll down and get the best of it.

Here are some of the top apps that would really help you or rather the best mediation apps to cool down your stress.

But first let me make you understand the meaning of mediation.


Meditation is the practice in which an individual uses some special techniques which includes mindfulness or focusing the mind on a particular object thought or activity to train or aid the attention and awareness.

It can also be done or carried out by chanting and being silence .


Meditation has already given more traction in the recent years as a particular way to free off stress (Manage stress).

I Know you would be wondering how can this be done, So we listed some apps for you all to use and be free from stress okay!! has listed this app so just scroll down to see them.


Meditation Apps

1) Calm: This is best for everyone both beginners and pro.

2) Stop, Think and Breathe: After over working yourself there’s online one antidote to it which is take a break, chill and think then you take a deep breathe to ease your stress.

3) Headspace/Sleep: One of the world most ranked antidote to stress ; Lot of people neglect this in the form of always busy meanwhile you are killing yourself if you don’t take a nap!!  

4) Social media Apps: This is also one of the best so far as mediation is concerned. you feel so bored and think that we can’t do anything or what would you do to be free from boredom!!

Social media Apps are here for you whenever you are bored just open to Facebook or any other because they are the apps for mediation.

Watch their comedies and movies then you will see yourself laughing beyond your imagination and be free again from boredom and be active again.

So with mediation app like social media Apps it also boost the brain to be fast and can easily recall things.

5) Aura: This is another meditation app that is good ,you may be wondering why I said so!!

As students we all get tired of reading or studying so we need some break from studies to cool ourselves down and that’s why this mediation app was made for us.

With this meditation app it will help you alot, I go by analyzing something fo you all, this meditation app brings about pop up notification (messages) on your phone which is set as a reminder to students.

Apps like Aura send you Close to 5 minutes meditations tips everyday just fr you to relax your mind and be comfortable also to be free from sadness and stress. 

Note that to be able to do all this your phone must be active,also have a well organized Google calendar, a meditation timer with a good sound in order to access the meditation app perfectly.

6) Inscape: Also another meditation app which helps to get balanced calmness etc to be healthy you must need meditation also that’s why with the help of INSCAPE  meditation is made easy.

It also helps you in guiding your breathe flow all you have to do is just to get the app also and simple follow the instructions for the meditation and be consistent.

7) Akasha: Another meditation app, meditation is not about physical things.

It’s also seems spiritual. with AKASHA meditation is made easy because it helps in success and also accomplishment of things also yield productivity.

with this app you will learn how alot, this meditation app teaches you how to love each other , how to convert heartache transformation into strength and also it helps meditation for defining what success is all about and how to stop underrating yourself.

with this meditation app called AKASHA, is divided into 5 points

but we would be considering 2 points.

  1. I) Earth: With this meditation app earth means or represent or stands for accomplishment an success
  2. II) Fire: With AKASHA as a meditation app fire means or is been represented by the role of desire and love .

meditation apps are there in other to help everyone to be free firm stress and relax your mind so you can feel okay


Come to reason with me, have you ever been stressed out and you just thought of sleeping?

You will just find out when you are awake that you feel relax , your brain tissues also would be at rest and you will think straight…..

This are the best 3 we got for you.

Know going to the next one we have stages of meditation and I would want you to pay more attention to the listed ones below


1) Mediators

2) Disputants

3) Joint Discussion

4) Private


Note this everyone:

Being mindful helps one to grasp faster but unfortunately not so easy to achieve. all the requirements are your determination and YOU. 


If you are a beginner we got some tips for you which means we got you covered. some are listed below

1) Breathe naturally

2) You just need to feel comfortable at any giving time

3) Give your self a reminding thought of the benefits of mediation

4) Don’t judge

5) Cheer up.

Reasons of Using the meditation app includes

1) It is used to increase calmness and physical relaxation

2) Improvement of coping with illness

3) It enhance overall health.

So after reading everything we can’t just let you go like this without helping you all.

Here comes the tips for you all to follow!! You all just relax, put yourself together and follow the guidelines to aid your meditation..


Firstly we have Mindfulness Meditation

secondly we have Guided Meditation

lastly we have Loving Kindness Meditation


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