Prof. Yusuf Ishaya Tsojon Speaks on Christian Reformed Church Of Nigeria RCC Abise Scenario

Prof. Yusuf Ishaya Tsojon Speaks on Christian Reformed Church Of Nigeria RCC Abise Scenario

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In the words of Prof Yusuf ishaya Tsojon” Silence is not longer golden” Prof. Yusuf Ishaya Tsojon Speaks on Christian Reformed Church Of Nigeria RCC Abise Scenario

Have read several posts and comments even by pastors regarding what happened in RCC Abise even to the point of a pastor calling people sons of Devil, sons of Belial who have no part in God’s kingdom toh!!!


Apostle Steven Alani Said

“For you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free”
First I stand to condemn what happened in Abise in its entirety and felt bad as any of you do.

For those of you commenting, did you care to ask what triggered their actions?
Have you ever seen an RCC where her sons were sent to all her churches as resident pastor?

Have you ever heard of such since the inception of CRCN? Why now and why Abise?
Mean whileAbise is not the first to reject pastor, CRCN Gu Wukari rejected Revd Dawuda Tanko in 2008,Gu puje Revd Adis 2021, No1 Jalingo, Gu marraraba, Abuja,Jos complained that their pastor should not be transferred, etc,
This churches complained and the Headquarters listened to them.

Why is Abise case different?
Are they not part of the church again?
Have you asked the leadership of the church why they reluctantly refused to do same for them?

Their action against the man of God is totally uncalled for but the leadership of the church should be held responsible and accountable for what happened and should stop accusing pastors for inciting the whole scenario.

See More Chart & Reaction from other members of the church.


Article by Apostle Steven Alani.


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  1. I want you to know that Rev.Dawuda B.Tanko was never posted to LCC WUKARI in anytime ever,LCC WUKARI has never rejected any pastor because they felt that God sent each pastor for a special assignment besides,Abise’s problem is an in-house problem with their RCC chairman whom they believed has been using abusive language on them while preaching which ordinarily should have been handled amicably between them but they couldn’t do it and end up carrying a violent protest against an innocent person. Irrespective of what led to the protest you are wrong, always get your facts right. The church is of God and when the enemies strike we must learn to stand strong and fight it on our knees.

  2. God bless you sir
    You will never lack anything in life, as long you embrace the truth and you keep emphasizing on it

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