Tiv & Jukun should unite

Tiv & Jukun should unite


By: Apostle Steve Atama Alani

The time has come and the time is now for the Jukun and the Tiv to give up whatsoever differences they both have and unite against an external force that’s now parading around their territories, brutally taking lives and destroying properties.


Though the Jukun and the Tiv are very war-like people traditionally but they were not enemies of each other from the onset.

Those who are observing now think that some people are engineering them to fight each other in order to divert attention from what they might be doing or be planning to do in that area.

As you know there is all this threat now… we are coming to kill you, to maim you, to destroy you, to take your land, to banish you from your land and so on and so forth.

Historically, there is no reason they should be fighting one another.

They are both in danger now from the situation in Nigeria.

So, it is in the interest of the two nations that they bring the crisis to an end as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, they will create the opportunity for their real enemies to dig into their parts and do enormous damage to the two nations, not just one.

The both parties have been accusing each other of boundary expansion…

But why would the Tivs want to expand themselves beyond their territory? “Can someone eat more than their stomach can carry?”

So, I don’t think so, I think there are provocateurs, who come and provoke one people against another people and provoke the other people against the same people.

I think that is what is happening there.

I don’t see the Tivs being expansionists to want to expand against the Jukun or the Jukun to expand against the Tivs.

It is very unlikely. The boundaries are arbitrary.

But you find that this problem is not new to the two ethnic nationalities, as they had severally clashed in the past.

I hope that the leaders of the Tiv people and Jukun people will sit down and reason this thing out to bring the crisis to an end. I very much hope so.

I pray so, we can’t have two vital nations of our country fighting each other.

No! And it is surprising that the authorities of this country are not doing anything about it. It’s very surprising.

So, I appeal to the leaders of the Tivs and the Jukuns to bring this thing to an end.

It is very embarrassing. These are historically very powerful peoples.

They are both strongly dedicated to development, they are educated. So, why would they let anybody push them into continually fighting each other?

I think they will bring it to an end…I hope so that can both clearly see their enemies and come together to conquer them.


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