More than 20,000 people have done covers of Libianca’s song and many of them have gone viral .Buju , Ruger , Dax , Portable and many superstars all did a cover of the song .

Knowing how hard YouTube and other streaming platforms are on copyright claims .

Do you think they are making some money from the Cover ? Well it is totally possible to monetize the Cover of a song you made and just like Sampling a song , you’ll need to obtain certain licenses to make that happen .

Doing a cover of a song is free , sampling a song is free but to cash out from it , you must get the necessary licenses .

So if your cover went viral and you want to make money from it , what do you do ?
You obtain what is known as Compulsory License and or Mechanical License .

Compulsory license means , an artiste can not stop you from doing the cover of their song but if you want to monetize the cover , it is either you pay them a fee or you guys get to divide the revenue coming in . So from every revenue you make , the original Creator gets a fraction of it .

Getting the licence is not always easy and some say it’s time consuming so they think it’s not worth it . If you do not get the licence, all you make might go to the original creator of the song .

Meaning they’ll feed on all the revenue you make from the cover . It is always good to know this and decide whether you want to monetize a cover or not .

If your YouTube channel is monetized , then monetizing a cover is automatic.

Another good thing is if you want to share the revenue made from the cover with the original creator , it happens automatically meaning YouTube does the split for you .

But if you do not want to split it , you’ll have to obtain all the licenses needed or pay an upfront fee .

“Covers” are a great thing to do as they can help you go viral in no time .

It is important to know it can be monetized too and you get to cash a lot from it . Our artistes need to study this and understand exactly how it works .

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