Who is Apake Amula?

Apake Amula is from Abise, he was born in Makurdi into the family of Amaku & Awusonabi Amula. He is the last child of a family of Six.

He attended Ternamdoo Nursery & Primary Sch and Anglican Secondary Sch for his primary & secondary education.
He later graduated with Distinction in Computer Science from Federal Polytechnic Idah (ND).
Then proceeded to graduate with First Class in Computer Science (B.Sc) from University of Jos.

He is a Software Engineer working with an International Group.

With the permission of the Anchor. I will like to commence please.

First, I would like to start by briefly explaining what entertainment is.

Entertainment is the act or action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.

Some forms of entertainment include:
– Dancing
– Standup comedy
– Music
– Film
– Stage Play
– Skit Making
– Spoken words & poetry
– Beats production and so on

Now, Who are Jukun Wanu People?
The Jukun-Wanu tribe is an ethnic group traditionally located in Benue, Taraba,
Nasarawa, Plateau, Adamawa, and Gombe States in Nigeria and part of northwestern Cameroon
and Chad.

We are hardworking and peace-loving people.Now, marrying the two together, we would like to review the impact of entertainment in wanu

The new generation of Wanu Sons and daughter have taken the entertainment industry by

They have spread their webs across different facets of the entertainment industry and in
the process creating their own niche.

For instance, in the Music industry, under the rap genre, we have our own: Ms Tha Rap
Icon, Real Matteez, Skynet and so on, dropping bars, singles and EPs on a regular

Still on the music space: Under the R & B genre, BigTimz Zamani has giving us albums and household bangers that we can relate to.

In the world of gospel music, over the years we have been blessed with good gospel artist, and the new generation of wanu singers are not left out, with the likes of SA Peter, Abani Akoga and co are representing the gospel genre and uplighting our spirit.

In Skit Making and Comedy: We have Amos Abegye who has constantly shown his
creative prowess by churning out dope content.

In blogging: We have Smilezee, the founder of Abinseloaded who has kept us informed
& entertained with his blog.

In The Youtube Space & social Media space, we now have our own Jukun Wanu TV, thanks to the founder Apostle Steve Alani.

In the art of Master of Ceremonies (MC), we have Revive Azyintu, MC Kelly and co shutting down events.

In Modeling: Our Mr & Miss Wanu ambassadors  (past and present) have been representing the wanu nation in a good light.

In Dancing: Abise Star Dancers have been inventing dance-moves pocolically.
In the craft of Spoken words & Poetry: We have Diana Sparkles Sabo whose words
have never run dry.

As Disk Jockey (DJ): our own Baddext DJxbani is on the wheel mixing.

This is evidence that the Wanu race have come to accept & recognize the importance of Entertainment in our sociocultural lives.

Below are some of the impacts of Entertainment in Wanu Land.

1. It Provides employment:  Today my sisters are brothers are gainfully employed either partially or full time, directly or indirectly via their craft.
2. It Promotes talent and creativity in Wanu Land.

3. It Promotes Aspiration:  Many people have had great influences from entertainment. You can
seek new goals and achieve them.

Entertainment has the power of giving you a new horizon and make a good use of it.

You can watch your role models and iconic figures pass their messages to you. Personally, my aspiration has increased by following entertainment keenly.

4. Provide a means of relaxation: Today many Wanu daughters and sons can relax from the numerous entertainment forms being chunned out by our Wanu creatives.

5. It Promote our Culture:  Many wanu daughters and sons have promote the wanu race from their craft. This has helped propagate the wanu culture to other tribes, nations and race.

This point will help us transcend to the next section of this
engagement which is how the AYEMA award has helped promote our

AYEMA short for Awanu Youth Entertainment & Merit Award is an annual award and pageantry event that pioneered 3 years ago under the umbrella of Kwararafa Empire Group.

This award scheme is geared to recognize wanu daughters and sons for their contribution to the entertainment industry within a calendar Year.
It is also the night where we crown our Mr & Miss Wanu (Face of KEG and so on).

The relevance of the AYEMA Awards can not be overemphasize as it’s pageantry was one of the pioneer pageantry schemes that has open door for other sub pageantry scheme within the Wanu and Jukun Land at large.
Its pageantry has produce our Ambassadors (Mr & Miss Wanu, Face of KEG and so on) for 2 years running and they will be a 3rd edition come this year’s December.

AYEMA has helped promote the Wanu culture by consistently showcasing wanu themes and brands.

AYEMA has recognize and award Wanu daughters and sons for their handwork in contributing to the Wanu race.
AYEMA award night has provide an avenue where we get to see our Wanu daughters and sons perform live and promote their craft.

AYEMA Award night has promote oneness and togetherness among
the Wanu people.

Thanks for your Time. I will be stopping here so we don’t keep our people up too late. SA Peter please take it from here, if there are any questions or contributions.

Thanks All For Visiting

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