Do you know you can have 10 million streams on Spotify and get paid more than someone who has 15 million streams .

We often get questions like how much does spotify,apple music and deezer pay per stream. The Truth is these streaming platforms do not have a fixed pay per stream.

Some one can have 1k streams and earn 40k while another has 1k streams and earn 15k. There are many factors that affect the pay per stream some of which include.

The Listeners Country and Location. If you have a million streams and 90% of your streams are from Africa , the pay is low . But If you have a million streams and 90% of it from America and Europe , the pay will be very high . These countries have high purchasing power . So the Listeners country and location influence the pay per stream .If Libianca’s streams are more from America she will earn much same with Ayra Star .

Subscription or Free Account. Many be like ” I won’t download Libianca’s song, I’ll be streaming it so she gets more money ” but look carefully you will discover that almost all of them are using free accounts . There are no premium users with paid accounts ..Few Cameroonians even have bank Cards to pay for online subscription.You can’t be streaming with free accounts and she makes money . No No No .Money comes only from those who paid for subscription. So subscription greatly plays a part when it comes to payment per stream..

Duration of Play . Most streaming platforms only consider something above 30 seconds . If you don’t play a song above 30 seconds ,it doesn’t count .So the duration of Play affects the payment per stream .

We Got a lot to learn when it comes to the music business . Many of us are just blind about it because we are going nowhere .

Make research , ask Questions and read blog posts .

If most of your streams come in from Uganda Omo you co bow ?.


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