Do you know that in less than a year Ayra Star has gained more than 500k subscribers on YouTube ? While Cameroonian artiste Sweet perry hasn’t gained even 2k subscribers ?

We  know its abit difficult for up and coming Artistes to Hit even a thousand subscribers to be able to apply for Youtube Partnership program and get their Channels monetize. How ever there are always ways to speed that up not  by getting bots but simple  ways. Today we will tell you ways by Which you can grow Your Channel.

Upload Frequently. Times have changed,  unlike in the past where you have to hire a Video camera to make videos,  things have changed. We have smart phones with Excellent Cameras and wonderful apps that you can shoot your videos,  Edith and upload. It must not be professional. Do freestyle videos and upload at least one video every week. This keeps people updated as YouTube notifies them when you drop a new video. YouTube also pays when your channel is active,  the engagements on your channel etc.

Always ask Your viewers to subscribe after watching a video. Make them understand they have to subscribe so as not to miss the next thing you are about to upload. So you can always be like ” Please my new video is out,  Watch it here and don’t forget to subscribe “  in this way you push people to subscribe and that’s how your Channel grows and your watch time

Make Use of Thumbnails. In every search,  Videos with a great and appealing Thumbnails are always ranked first. It goes same to videos with a catchy description. If you want many people to come across your channel and get to subscribe,  then make use of it. Try using Unusual images and large texts too.  Something like ” NeW MUsic ” Stands out different.

At Times just make a Video of Yourself talking to Your audience. People at times want to see the real you and relate with You. Many people want to see You talk to them. You can do this only in few videos. I will advise Youtubers to Use their Pictures on their Channel not only Logos. In this way many people get to react and subscribe.

Promote Your Videos on other social media channels. You can drop just a teaser of your video on Facebook,  Snapchat,  instagram or WhatsApp then follower with the link. Make sure you gather followers from every where. This helps you grow your channel very Quick.

Make Sure You Brand Yourself.  As an artiste You possibly have a Page or a Website with beautiful Logos and the description. People will subscribe to your Youtube Channel  if Your logo and the description is appealing and encouraging.

You can’t just put anything there and expect people to subcribe. Some people even have a channel and upload things without telling us what the channel is all about. The logo is poor and the description poor.

Get something that looks good and say something interesting about your channel. That’s one of the easiest way to grow your channel. Below are two screenshots. One for Burna Boy and one for Mr Leo.

Look at the “About” on both screenshots you will know why Burna has more Followers. Mr leo is supposed to talk about himself on the about section. They created it for that. It doesn’t even say just a word about him. Sad.

Engage with Your Fans. Our Artistes always feel very big to reply comments on Facebook talk less of Youtube.

Make Sure that you reply your fan’s Comments on Youtube and keep it going. Talk with them. The time people spend on your channel,  Youtube rewards you.

Youtube rewards you for the likes,  dislikes and the comments on your channel so no even feel bad say someone disliked your video. 

I see people get mad when they dislike their videos. No mind you. Youtube will pay you for their actions. Its worst when they don’t react. Don’t miss out that trick.

People who do tuturials,  Give talks and teach always have more following on Youtube. This is because people go to YouTube to find answers to many Questions.

So it is important Your music be build on a single topic. Rap?  Afro beat?  Reggae?  So that people can easily find it when they ask for those genre of music.

Work Smart,  and not Hard,  the world is Changing. Don’t remain behind and cry. You will make a lot of money from Youtube if You study it well and know how to grow it and use it.

Fam , take just a minute and watch Sweet  Perry’s new song and don’t forget to subscribe ?

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