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Why Record Deals Collapse - Abinseloaded.Com

As we all know Record deals used to be a dream come true for many artistes but it has turned to a nightmare .Artistes like Kizz Daniel, Ridimz ,and many others have suffered greatly from it .

it has happen several times In Africa and Nigeria at Large.

The level at which record deals in AFRICA end is Scary.

You hear they have signed an artiste today and after two months the record deal end.

This has frustrate many young Talents and discouraged many people who want to invest in the industry.

Last night someone inboxed us asking why many record deals End. We decided to share it here so many people can learn ?

  • INABILITY TO UNDERSTAND THE TERMS. As we speak, 80% of Artistes can’t read and interpret the terms of a Record deal correctly. Being unable to understand what you are getting into is already a step into failure.

No matter how smart you think you are as an Artiste, Get an Entertainment lawyer who will read and break it down to you correctly.

  • UNPRODUCTIVE. This happens to be one of the reasons why record deals end. Do you know in some record deals, it is clearly stated that in the first year, if you are unable to make a hit song, the contract can be annulled? Yes it can. French Record labels work on this and their artistes from the likes of Tenor, Aveiro Djess, locko lydol etc always deliver. Come back to the Anglophone market. You sign an artiste and provide everything and they are unable to drop a song that can bring something back into label. You spend millions and watch it drown. No investor will keep on pouring his money into an unproductive artiste.
  • UNPOPULAR DEMANDS. The moment an artiste starts making waves , they start making unpopular demands from the Record label contrary to what the terms of the deal says. They start asking for an increase in their percentage, houses and cars. When the label denies, they break the deal. Kizz Daniel went in for a deal that he was supposed to get 25% of everything. When he started making so many hits , he demanded the label step it up to 35% but they had signed a 25% deal .


  • DISCIPLINE. Most of the artistes out there are not discipline and go contrary to almost every term of the record deal .You start going for shows that the label has denied, you collect money and eat etc.


  • RELATIONSHIPS. The industry is funny. People sign especially female artistes based on the relationship they have with them. When they break up, Record deal ends ?. Many female artistes go through this.


  • CAPITAL. Some Record labels sign Artistes without having what it takes to put the artiste on the spotlight. They bench a talented artiste while giving him hope that they will do this n that just to end up doing Nothing. This has also caused me Record labels to fail. If you know you don’t have the capital, please dont take a talented Artiste to Bench them.Ego and Prido said the label that signed them had no money .


  • LAZINESS. Once a Record label gets a house and a car for an artiste, they easily forget their work and use the fame they had to go round impregnating young Girls. They forget the work they are supposed to do and that’s how they end up not delivering .


  • Unprofessionalism. Some Record labels and their artiste exhibit lots of Unprofessionalism and that’s how everything crashes.

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